Poti Reed Diffuser No. 9 (Ylang Ylang / Vanilla / Jasmine)


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Ylang Ylang I Vanilla I Jasmine


Decorate your realm and enjoy the benefits of scent from nature with Poti Room Diffuser.

Free from synthetic fragrance, Poti Room Diffuser is made from the blend of essential oils and natural extracts that will continuously release enchanting scent to enhance the pleasure and atmosphere of your realm.


– Synthetic Fragrance Free
– Mineral Oil and Paraffin Free
– Phthalates Free


  • Open the bottle of diffuser and put sticks into the bottle. Leave the stick soaked for a while and flip the sticks over.
  • Place the bottle in preferred location.
  • Flip the sticks over when the scent is faded.
  • The stick should not be reused with other scents.

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110 ml