The story of Poti started from a man who has a passion in natural scent and natural ingredients.

With extensive research and study from expert of his interest, he himself developed his own unique personal care products made from natural ingredients in his small kitchen and shared them to his friends who later shared common interest – the art of natural scent and aromatherapy and natural product. Not so long, his products had reached wider people and got good feedback from his friends who has experienced a series of high-end products from various places and found that the products are second to none. These group of people formed a group and founded a brand Poti.

What we do?

We offers a wide range personal care product that are made from high-quality natural ingredients in a simple and elegant appearance that enhance both well-being and pride of the customers.

We formulate our product with nature in mind. We minimise the number of chemical to necessary level and maximise the natural derived ingredients.

We partners with Dr Jongkochaporn Pinitaksorn, one of the top aromatherapy and naturopathy expert of Thailand to develop the product with the founders to ensure that the products have the highest quality and are loved by our customers

What we believe

We believe in the sophisticated quality/power of nature that nonetheless looks simple yet has power inside itself.

We believe that human is a part of nature and the way to have quality life is to have a life in balance with nature.

The meaning behind Poti

When we decided to start our
brand, one of  founders reached a man he highly respects for the name of it. Hence that man said ‘Poti’ the founder went back to the group and consulted with them and the founders agrees to use this name.

Therefore we take the name Poti from that man and believe with all of our heart that this name will bring good things to us. Consequently, we define the meaning of Poti as ‘Belief’

With our belief, we can deliver the benefits of natural products to customers and bring miraculous and pleasant experience to them